Jul 29, 2011


The Invitations

FI and I fell in love with pocketfold invitations. I ordered these online from The colour is Pearl Metalic. We will use yellow background cards, grey and white invitations maps and a monogram to shut the invitation.

I will show a picture when I did my first invitation!

invitations photo 1


UPDATE: HERE THEY ARE! Last saturday (March 26th 2011) we sticked them on. I love them!

BUT we are having a big problem: We communicated a wrong date!! We have to print one sheet with the right time (3 pm!!) and paste them over ... ^_^

UPDATE UPDATE: AY, today (April 11th 2011) we got our first RSVPs!!!!!!!!!

(3) Comments

Wow, toll Einladungen - ich finde die Farben super schön!

Oh that sounds nice. The yellow is really going to pop. Don't forget to show us the final product!

cant wait to see how they turn out