Jul 29, 2011


The Bridesmaids Dress

My bridesmaids are still choosing her dresses. I guess they take yellow cocktail dresses. But it is difficult with six different type of girls and styles to choose the one dress. Probably we´ll take two different dresses so it will be a little bit easier.

I like these dresses:

bridesmaids dress photo 1bridesmaids dress photo 2

Here are the first results :) We are searching for another dress... I think they are all looking great!

UPDATE: Today (March 4th 2011) we have chosen the bridesmaids dresses! WOOHOO!


(5) Comments

I love the dress color and style you picked out! They all look great in that dress!!!

Love the colour of the dress!! It's sooooo pretty!

I love. Your bridesmaid dresses

I love the dresses you chose! Very pretty!!