Jul 29, 2011


The Hair and Make-Up

I hope my hair will grow 30 cm longer till our wedding haha (in six months!).

Unfortunately my hair don´t like curls so I think it will be straighten both days. My favorite picture that I found is this one from etsy. I even showed it on my page "The Other Dress (For The Civil Wedding)" BUT I  am really addicted to this style.



So I bought my first fake lashes (Mac #48) and the MAC seller put the lashes on. Here are the results:


UPDATE March 9th 2011:

I booked my Make-Up Artist! today! Wuhuu. I´m so excited! The trial is 4 - 6 weeks before the wedding day. She uses Airbrush make-up and told me that she is getting 40 % at MAC :)

The trial is on July 2nd 2011!! I am so excited!


Make-Up Inspirations

I want intensive make-up with long lashes!


Hair Inspirations

I am really really love as4968´s hair! Maybe it is possible that my MUA could do these soft curls *sigh*


UPDATE July 2nd 2011: Hair and Make-Up Trial

So I had my trial with my MUA and the result is: My hair don´t like CULRS :( I think I am on the right side if I wear my hair straight! The Make-Up is ok.


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Oh Sarah, you look really beautiful.  Simply that.  *smile*

Gorgeous makeup!!!!

You look beautiful!!!