Jul 29, 2011


The "How We Met"

October 2005: Me and my flatmate went to the Reeperbahn. She had to work early on the next day as a hotel manageress so we had just three hours till we had to go back home. It was saturday, october 28th 2005 and we decided to have a drink at the bar "Rote Laterne".

There a guy came toward me and said a few very funny and typical man-sayings :) He looked really hot! Three hours later of talking he wanted to give me his mobile number. I thought, if I take the number I would be too shy to call him. So I gave him my number.

Later Ben said that at this moment he knew that I like him because I gave him my number. Girls usually don´t give the numbers :D

Our first date was a week later and from this time we are unseparable!

2006: This photo was taken in June 2006 at a safari park near Hamburg at my cousins wedding. Later this evening he told me that he loves me the first time <3

how we met photo 1

2010: And this is a photo from our photo shoot on December 2010. The christmas present for our parents and grandparents were all the same: a picture of us with our engagement rings!

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You 2 make such a cute couple!  :)

You two are sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!


You two are adorable!

glück wünsch zu eurer verlobung und alles gute.

viel spass mit vorbereitung.

Amy von freiburg