Feb 14, 2009



 Our Wedding Flowers

 Flowers photo 1   Flowers photo 2 

Flowers photo 3 Flowers photo 4 Flowers photo 5



Flowers photo 6

for the ceremony i will wear my hair up with flowers but not sure if they should be dahlias or roses in Ivory color with my moms wedding veil (something old)

Flowers photo 7Flowers photo 8Flowers photo 9Flowers photo 10Flowers photo 11Flowers photo 12

My bouquet will look like this but with red dahlias, red roses, and red tulips and no green stuff..yuck!!! I will have red berries and it will be wrapped in a ivory satin ribbon with a heart pin and my mother in laws wedding necklace (something borrowed)

My BM will have red roses, and red dahlias but with a Black satin ribbon and either a rhinestone pin or soemthing with there first intial or I might put pictures in tiny lockets of each BM I'm not sure yet!!!

Flowers photo 13Flowers photo 14

For the boys on the left and maybe for the programs and flower girls on the right!




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