Apr 23, 2011


*FI's Surprise Wedding Day Gift

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I'm giving FI a little care package on the morning of the wedding with four items in it and a note attached to each item:

"A watch to get you to the altar on time"FI loves Frank Sinatra, fedoras, wing-tips, and anything vintage.  A pocket watch is perfect for him!  I'm going to have our wedding date engraved on it.  Maybe one day we'll pass it down to our future son or daughter.

FI s Surprise Wedding Day Gift photo 1  Source

"A GPS in case you get lost"FI always has to borrow mine, poor thing.  This one is simple, but that's all he needs.  

Garmin Nuvi 1100 GPS Navigation System 3.5" Touchscreen (Manufacturer Source

"A pair of socks in case you get cold feet"FI will get a "kick" out of these (teehee).  His family is Irish and he fully embraces it, so I'm giving him Leprechaun socks.  AND they match his tan suit he'll be wearing.

Men's Clover Argyle SocksMen's Clover Argyle Socks Source

"A pack of beer in case you get REALLY cold feet"FI's favorite beer is Smithwick's.  I'm only giving him a six pack since I don't want him sloppy for the ceremony.  

FI s Surprise Wedding Day Gift photo 3
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Very cute and clever