May 28, 2011


Let them eat cake

We will have a 4 tiers white and brown chocolate cake. Every tier will have the "tree dots" decor on the sides like in the picture on the right.

                 Cake Inspirations photo 2             Cake


UPDATE   PW-GIRLS     02/05/2011

Oh yeah, today we have ordered our wedding cake - I am so excited to see how the cake will look like after. We have ordered a 4-tier cake. Each floor in a different flavor:

1. tier

Sacher chocolate cake with chocolate icing

2. tier

Black Forrest Cherry Cake

3. tier

"Baumkuchen" with chocolate icing (it's a German specialty cake), my FI loves this cake

4. tier

Raspberry mascarpone cake with white fondant coating 


We would like to have fresh flowers on every cake tier - somethink like dark red cloves or roses. I created a little boredom and have you an example of our wedding cake in "Microsoft Paint ". We want a cake stand, which runs like a staircase. My brother is a carpenter - he wants us to build this cake stand, as we imagine. He's is the best brother in the world! What do you think about my cake inspiration??? I love it because the cake contains all of our wedding colors


UPDATE 02/25/2011:

Hi Girls - I love my brother till the end. He`s so gorgeous. In the past I've told you that he will build the cake stand for our special cake. Today he came in and presented the masterpiece :o)  Although the cake stand has now become something bigger than I thought, it doesn't matter. It's just been beautiful. The bottom plate is made of wood, the tier-holders of stainless steel pipe and the cake plates made of white Plexiglas. Great work of him! In case that every cake will be 10 cm high he will only change the height between the seperate tiers. And the stand have to be painted in an ivory colour - looking so forward how it will become when it is finished. I tested the cake stand with our cake topper - you can see them on the 3rd and 4th tier how it will looks. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!




Yeahh, my brother got our cake stand ready and I must say that the cake stand is made ​​perfect. The cake stand is painted cream and the plates are made of white Plexiglas. I love it! I think our wedding cake will look great with this cake stand. 




(3) Comments

Wow! You are very lucky to have a talented brother that can build a custom cake stand for you!  Awesome!

Thanks so much - I'm lokking forward how it will looks like :o)

Cakes sounds absolutely delicious and I love the cake stand, very unique.  :)