Sep 10, 2011


How He Proposed

Jeremy and I had tried to make it a Saturday thing by taken out the horses and trail riding.  The weekend prior, we had taken the horses and our 3 dogs out.  We had just had a very big snow storm and the snow was up to the horse’s knees and our lab, Molly could barely get through the snow.  Toby and Jake, our mini dachshunds had to be carried on the horses with us it was so difficult.  All I had wanted was pictures of all our animals and us in the snow.  It didn’t happen.


The following Saturday, December 18th, Jeremy suggested we try again, except no dogs because we still had pretty deep snow.  So we drove to the barn where our horses are currently boarded, saddled them up and went on our way.  We were riding for probably a good half hour and my horse is only 2 and I just started riding him this summer and my niece’s horse is 16, not old but he’s getting up in his years.  They were both breathing pretty heavy and I suggested we stop to let them rest and take some nice pictures of them in the snow.


We dismounted and Jeremy tied them to trees and got out his camera.  He took one picture of the two of them and was like, the sun is causing a glare and put his camera away, which I thought was weird.  Then he turns and looks at me and I said to him, “You’re not pushing me into the snow.”  Now grant it, I was dressed to live in an igloo in the mountains of Alaska so it wouldn’t have been a big deal, but still.  Well 3 seconds later, I’m in the snow and we’re both laughing, because I tried my hardest to make him fall with me but it didn’t work.  So when I go to stand up he says to me, “wait I have a question to ask you.”  And he pulled the ring box out of his pocket.  It was so sweet and simple.  I happily accepted, obviously.


How He Proposed photo 1How He Proposed photo 2

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That's so cool! Congrats!

What a sweet story! Congrats!

This is co cute! :)