Aug 24, 2013


About Me...

Well, first things first I suppose. My name is Amanda, and my boyfriend is Justin. (Yep, that's right.. boyfriend. No ring yet! I'm impatiently waiting :P) We have been together since 01/25/2008, so just a little over 3 years now. I'm hoping we'll be engaged sometime this year, but I guess we'll see. We met through one of my ex-boyfriends, actually. Tim was a good friend of Justin's, and we had been broken up for a good year or so, decided to go bowling and hang out one night, and it just so happens Justin was there. That was November of 07, and by January we were inseparable!

I am 24, and I work in the office of a child psychology office in my hometown. I went to Longwood University and graduated with a BS in Anthropology, but I might not ever use that degree! If I stay at this job long term, I'll be the main Office Manager in a year or so. Justin is 23 (24 in May) and works testing fire alarm and sprinkler systems all over the state of Virginia. He's looking to find a job in computer programming or electronics of some kind (he graduated ECPI with a degree in Computer Electronics & Technology), but this is a good stable job for now. He has great benefits, a company truck, company cell phone, etc. I'm living at home with my parents, and Justin is living with his grandparents (who raised him) for now, to save money. We plan on moving in together once we get married.



*EDIT 3/16/11*
Justin and I have talked about getting engaged since I posted here... We've looked at rings, and I think found one that we both like. He understands that ultimately I want him to choose and surprise me, but I'm glad to know he's seriously thinking about it and has a general idea of what I want!! I'm ereally really hoping for a ring by my birthday (November) this year, if not before :)

Here are some more 'about us' details!!


How old are you both? We are both 24 :)

Do you have any pets? We LOVE animals! I have tons, and Justin has done well with adopting them, aside from the cats. Cats are not his thing. :P We have... a Lab/Pitt mix (Beau), 4 kitties (Magellan, Mocha, Ninja, and Buster, our new baby!), a snake (Red), a bird (Tutti-Fruitti), and too many fish to count.

Was the proposal a complete surprise? N/A yet... lol

Will the wedding guests be "balanced?" I think it will be pretty balanced; Honestly we'll have a pretty small wedding and we both have close-knit families so I'm sure they will be fairly equally represented.

What are some traditions you're keeping at your wedding? I will have something old, new, borrowed, blue... We will not have a "first look" before I walk down the isle... etc.

Are you buying his wedding band for him?  Yes. We may not be engaged yet, but I've already picked out his wedding band ;)

What is one thing about your FI that drives you nuts? He is headstrong - this is one thing I both love and hate about him. Haha. If he thinks he's right, he WILL NOT stop arguing ... even when he's usually wrong. *rolls eyes*

What are you most looking forward to about being married? Just being able to come home to him every day. Having our own space (it's really not an option for us to live together before we get married). Just being together. And having his last name <3

Inside or outside? Outdoor everything - we may rent a tent for the reception but we'll likely be having the wedding in a relative's backyard so it will be outdoors for the most part.

List anything you dislike.  People who walk down the middle of the isle in WalMart side-by-side-by-side and then look at you like you're crazy when you almost run into them because you don't have room to walk down the isle.... Younger brothers who stink up the bathroom when they're home from college... cats who are determined to get stuck under the couch patients who bring their kids to appointments and then leave them in the waiting room by themselves even though they're clearly under 10 and should not be left alone (I'm not a babysitter, people!)... office managers who keep the office freeezing cold...


How many people will be there?  Probably less than 100. Best I figure, we'll each invite ~50-60 and I know not all of them will be able to attend.

Time of day?  I'm debating... probably 5ish?

Any kind of theme? It will be very simple and have a 'country' feel. I'm thinking along the lines of hay bale seating for the ceremony, sunflowers/daisies, mason jars (the invites I'm currently in love with feature mason jars), and christmas lights. Colors will be shades of blue and yellow (varies between tiffany blue, pool blue, navy some days... I just can't decide!)

How many bridesmaids? Either 1BM 1MOH or 2BM 1MOH, I haven't narrowed it down yet :P

What kind of cake/what will it look like?  Cupcakes for guests, and a small cake for us to cut. No idea what they will look like yet, but I'm not a huge fan of flowers on cakes. We will probably have a Monogram topper or an "I DO" topper for our cake, and just some cutesy decorations on the cupcakes.

What kind of dress will you have/color/material? I want a simple dress; maybe lace, but I'd have to see how it looks on. I like the sweetheart neckline, maybe a trumpet/mermaid style. I've also toyed with doing a short dress... so we'll see. Once I get a ring, I'll start making more decisions on the dress! haha ;)

What kind of flowers in your bouquet? White roses? Sunflowers (maybe), daisies, a few daffodils.

Kind of engagement ring?  I don't know yet!! I've given him lots of hints... I like princess cut, I like some of the 3stone rings but nothing too 'bling' because I'm not a huge jewelry person anyway (The only jewelry I wear with any regularity is my late grandmother's class ring from 1960.)

How will you wear your hair?  I don't like my hair up, so probably down. Maybe 1/2 up, probably some waves/curls

Who will be important there?  Our friends and family.

How long will you be engaged before you get married?  Hopefully we'll be engaged about a year before the wedding - though I would *really* like to get married in 2012 so if he proposes by the end of this year we might just have a short engagement!

Live together before or wait till married?  Wait.

Take a long time to plan the wedding or will it be simple? I've been planning since we started dating, in some way/shape/form. And I change my mind all the time. So.... I'm aiming for a simple finished product, but a lot will have gone into it to make it appear that way! 


Will you write your own vows or use something pre-made? We will write our own. I'll have to convince Justin to sit down and write something, but it's more meaningful that way IMO. I don't care if his words are eloquent or anything, I just want to hear how HE feels.

I'll start posting more inspiration picture here now, since it seems to be becoming more real!

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Be patient it will happen soon enough!!!

Oh girl! A lady in waiting! I got you. I was on here for like a year before we got engaged! :)