Jul 29, 2011


My Bridal Style

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The theme for the wedding is vintage chic with pops of colour. The bridesmaid dresses are bright pink and since it's my absolute favourite colour it will feature prominently in most aspects of the day. Since I'm on PW a LOT ;) and the FI tends to peek at the screen from time to time I'm hesitant to describe or post details of my dress. The one exception though is this fabulous sash that I custom ordered through Etsy -seller gracefullygirly.

                              My Bridal Style photo 1 

I love it so much and since I'm definitely a bright colour kind of girl, I think it will be perfect to break the all-white effect of the dress (he knows it's white but I told him there are over 200 shades!)

I'm not wearing a veil -it just never appealed to me- so I decided to buy some great hair accessories and wear my hair in a low-do. This is the piece I'll be wearing -Glitzy Secrets Vintage Hair Clip. 


This is the hairstyle I'm going with -it's different from my hair trial but I decided since I'm growing my hair out (and should be pretty long by summer) that I'll wear it half-up, half-down -pulled back with my barrette and topped off with a gorgeous headband. My headband is like the one pictured below, but with a dark gray ribbon rather than the white shown.


              My headband, bought from Etsy shop ClayBouquetShop; I LOVE IT!!


                                                  Makeup inspiration



                                           My Hair and Makeup Trial




       My gorgeous clutch (and my gray touch) that I bought from guess where? ETSY!! jennalou06.


           My wedding ceremony jewellery -from Etsy shop BridalBeads -the pearls will be rosaline.  


                                   My ceremony shoes -Nina Poesy in Royal Silver



Going with the vintage style theme, I LOVE this dress for a reception dress -still "bridey" but a lot lighter so it would be easier to move around in.


                          These are my reception shoes :) Wanted Punk in pink


My reception jewellery from missjoanshobby (Etsy) -necklace -I'll be wearing these earrings from Etsy shop crystalglowdesigns -the crystal will be one shade darker in rose. 



I've ordered this garter from Etsy seller gracefullygirly (the same place I bought my sash.) It just needs the rhinestone in the middle of the flower :)


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That hair style is lovely.  You look beautiful!