Oct 28, 2012


About my Bio

Hello lovelies of PW!

I have been apart of PW for a good 3 years now (give or take) and I am unbelievably obsessed with it! From the beginning I was mesmerized. It truth, I have found my soul mate and the only person I see my future in, but we have recently decided now just isn't the time. Due to poor economy, my new home and his new job we have decided to wait on marriage and marriage plans or details until further notice. We both know that this step will be one we take together, but we have a lot to do and accomplish before that time comes. He says I should be expecting my ring in about a year, and the wedding about a year after that, and that is perfect to me.

When I started PW I was so intrigued by the colors and the details and the oh-so helpful PW ladies that has literally helped me through every question and struggle in my pre planning issues. But, from this I have became obsessed with weddings and so began my dream of becoming a wedding planner! From this I have weighed out my options and it turns out not many people in my small city of Louisville, Ky really cares so much about their weddings, and those that do have 3 amazing and very successful wedding planners we have here. And the chances of becoming one of them are pretty slim, because lets face it, what woman doesnt dream of planning weddings or parties and making peoples wedding fantasies come true? So with that being said, I plan on moving to Florida in a couple years and trying my luck there. But for now, I enjoy buying magazines, helping my friends plan their weddings and drooling over the wonderful bios of PW and websites.

So, this is (as of now) a picture bio. Mostly of little details that I would like involved in my wedding or things I need to discuss with DH. Either way, you are welcome to click through the links, look through my pictures, ask me questions, anything! But I appreciate every comment I get and every toast I get. And thank you so much for stopping by! :]

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