Oct 01, 2011


How we met...

Our first meeting was at my church. My daughter was in a concert. She had to raise around $50. On the day of the concert we didn’t get enough, so before the program started I went around asking people for a donation. I asked people I had never since before. The first person I asked was him. He told me he had to go to his truck to get it, he would be back. I brushed it off and went on asking other people for donations. After awhile he came back with $5. I was surprised. That was our first encounter.

A few months later my friend at church was getting married, I was her hostess for the wedding. I had to make sure people signed the guest book and showed them where to sit. After the wedding started, I went in. I missed a few people because I noticed this guy in the back of the church after the wedding. I'm looking at him saying who is he, he did sign the book! After watching him I found that he was there with another girl. I stopped looking. At the reception, I caught the bouquet. Now the wedding is over. I go out to valet to wait for my car. He (and the girl) is out there waiting also. Mind you I know girl, we go to the same church. While waiting for the car, the girl and I are talking. After a while he asks me, "How does it feel to have caught the bouquet?" I respond saying, "We will see what happens."

After that night, at church again the next week, he comes to my church on Friday night. He tries to talk to me, but I can't stop and talk because I have these high heel shoes and my feet are hurting. I have timed the steps to get to my car. If I had stopped that would have messed up the whole time. LOL....

Sadly that Sunday my cousin died. I was going to see him again at his church that Sunday. I didn’t get to go because I was at the hospital with my family. Later that night he found me on Facebook. Since that day we been together….


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People keep running into each other for a reason... ;-)

Such a sweet story.