Oct 01, 2011


The Proposal....

The proposal was Christmas Eve 2010. Every year my church has a Christmas Program for the children. My whole family was at the program. His parents were in town for Christmas also. The program was over. My family was standing around talking, as usual. My grandmother was playing the organ. My grandfather, the pastor of the church was in a corner talking with my uncles. My cousins and I were talking about the program. First one of my uncles turned a few of the lights out. At this point I’m trying to hurry my cousin out of the church because when the lights start going off that means you better leave. So as I’m pushing one of my cousins out of the section we were in, Robert (FI) says “Can I have everyone’s attention?” I start walking faster because I’m thinking he is confirming what I was thinking, go home. After that I hear my mom scream and I turned around and he was on one knee holding a ring box. At this point, I fell on the seats and for a moment I could see anything, I was in a daze. After a few minutes I came too and someone asked what did she say? He said I didn’t say anything. So everyone told him to ask again so they could take pictures.  I said, YES!

The Proposal photo 1

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LOL, I love the daze! I was in a daze too! I have been reading about so many holiday engagements lately (Lynchpop being one of them!)

Engagement twin alert - we got engaged that exact same day :)

love how it's re-enacted for a picture!

Sweet. :) Christmas Eve would be one of the best times to get engaged.