May 28, 2011



Here are some of my other DIY projects I have done till now, but I still have to do some thinks that haven`t been done yet...

I have made the guestbooks all by myself. We have two books - one for our Family and one for our friends and colleagues. I still have to do anothother book for the Pro-pics of our wedding. So we have three books which have the same look. Oh man, I want to see the glue stick never again - it was hard work and very time-consuming.

And this is the result with our guest pictures and the well wishes :)



 Our "For your tears of joy" pockets - I will take them on the last page of every ceremony-programm


And for every table of our wedding reception - two Menuecards and a sample of our place cards. We want to attach the name tags on the water glasses, which are stocked on the tables. We have a fixed seating plan.
In total we have 16 tables - Manuel and I will sitting with our parents, grandparents, maid of honor and best man at a table (14 people). At the other tables each sit 8 people. For the tables I have made table-numbers and bought funny card-holders.

DIY projects photo 7   

And please favor me :) These are our little favors. Cute little boxes with Smarties in it because DH and I are really sweets addicted!!!



Also we have two of these cameras on every guest table to make funny pics which the Photographer will might be missing - can't wait to see the results :)

DH and I would love to have bubbles for the "aisle-walk" after the ceremony. So I bought wedding-bubbles on (I think now I have 40 - 50 pieces). I have decorated every bottle with a tag - on the front side with 5 different pictures of Manuel and me and the back site says "Love is in the Air". 

DIY projects photo 11


Further things - the Card-Box and Flowerbaskets. The card-box have only costs 8 $ great choose (have it from NANU-NANA). And the flower baskets I have bought from a wedding-web-shop for only 4 $ each item. They are made from brown sisal and I have decorate them with feathers and a small heart.

    DIY projects photo 12    DIY projects photo 13


And finally our ceremony programs which I spend most of my time on - this was really a "horror" project. We had a special size for our program and I can't find an office program where I could do this really good with. So I worked it out with Microsoft Word and glad it worked after a bunch of wrong printed paper *lol* Here they are :)



I also made some cute little match packs for our midnight firework were we will also have glitter sticks for our guests


For the bathrooms in our Venue I made two bathroom basket - one for the Men and one for the Women. All guests loved them because they could fresh up theirtselfs at our wedding :)



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Kathrin these are amazing!!! You did some really wonderful DIY! I love the pictures hanging from the bubbles. What a nice personal touch!

I love the baskets

Yes, I agree with diana4682, the card box is awesome!

I love the card box !