Oct 11, 2008


{Charitable Favors}

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DH and I had both been to countless weddings where the favors were left behind by the guests.  Knowing this, we didn't want our money to go to waste.  We figured that since weddings are, in and of themselves, an extravagance, we would do something more meaningful in place of the traditional favors.  Instead of giving our guests a small trinket as a token of our wedding, we made a donation in the name of our wedding and as a  recognition of our guests.  We both have family members that have either lost their lives or have been affected by cancer so we made the decision to make a donation to the American Cancer Society.  We did this through the I DO Foundation.  To inform our guests of the donation, we placed a tent card on each table explaining the donation and why it was made.  Many guests commented that they were touched by the gesture...especially my aunt that was recovering from lung cancer.  

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That's so touching. I love that idea!