Aug 22, 2018


Grooms look

I really want my hunny's look to be something like this (with matching pants ofcourse) we just haven't put it completely together yet. Tie or no tie??? I was trying not to go with some stuffy, full out formal look complete with scissor tails lol. laid back, comfy but sexy. help me out somebody....................Grooms look photo 1

then there's the formal, traditional look....but not to stuffy:

Grooms look photo 2Grooms look photo 3Grooms look photo 4

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I definitely think a tie for sure.  Then again I think ties are incredibly sexy!  I have a thing for ties and love to see guys wearing them.  I think it will still be laid back enough too...especially if you find a really sexy tie.  Did I mention that I love ties ;-)


Why did you do this to me.  TI melts my heart sexy  times 1 million!

I love this look!!!

I love that look! You've got great taste!