May 07, 2011


Makeup & Hair

February 15th I went to my one and ONLY makeup trial. I love love love it!! Here are the pics.

Makeup Hair photo 1Makeup Hair photo 2Makeup Hair photo 3


March 9th I went to get my hair done. I like this style but Im thinking I want it pinned up.


March 13th I got TIRED of my hair being up and took it down. LO and BEHOLD I found the style I want to my wedding.

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LOL they are even longer now. I love them but its HOT in the summer :)


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I want your locs! Started locking with about 2-4 inches of natural hair 2 yrs ago and they've grown long so fast! Now the growth has sort of plateau'ed. Waiting patiently for more length...

I love your hair!

Thanks a bunch!