Oct 06, 2012


Popping the Big Question

So, it was Christmas morning and we were opening presents with our daughter and everything was perfect. At the beginning I had everyone open their stockings (which I had personally stuffed the night before) and I figured there was nothing in mine except candy because Brian was making so much fun of me for wanting to stuff them in the first place. As soon as we were all done opening gifts I went to finish getting ready so we could head over to my parents house for the rest of the day. I was blow drying my hair and Brian came in with my stocking and told me that I hadn't opened it. So I set my hair dryer down and he handed me the stocking. When I reached in I immediately started crying and he dropped to his knee. He pulled my hand out of the stocking to grab the little box out of my hand and said " Will you please be my wife?" He had a few small tears running down his face and I just said yes and hugged and kissed him. It was so perfect and I am just so lucky to have such a wonderful man :)


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Love your ring! Gorg!

awww!! That is just beautiful!! Congratulations!!

Very sweet proposal!

How perfect =) and he has tears!