Feb 10, 2012



I gave out my STD's!!!!!!

I'm still over a year out, but wanted to give people something since everyone has known we were engaged for a year and half now.

I made calendars for everyone as my STD's; two year planners to be more exact. It was something fun and unusual and everyone has loved them. I sent them out at the beginning of the year. It is still (at this time) one year and 3 months until my wedding) 

So without further ado, here they are. :)


I gave my loved ones STD s photo 1

me working so hard on them.

I gave my loved ones STD s photo 2I gave my loved ones STD s photo 3

             I made about 75 of them.                                  I even marked the date in each one.


I gave my loved ones STD s photo 4 <---- the picture on the front of the calendar

I gave my loved ones STD s photo 5 <----- the picture on the back

These were so much fun. It took a little bribery to get the FI in on it, but once we got downtown and started doing it, he kinda enjoyed it. So many people stopped what they were doing in the middle of thier day to see us take these pictures. It was sooo fun.



These were super simple to make.

I ordered the calendars from Oriental Trading. It doesn't matter which ones you order because you are just going to throw the covers away. I did make sure that the ones I ordered came with the stickers to use for important reminders. I liked the extra touch.

When they came in I was super excited. I took the plastic cover off of all of them and then took off the cardboard cover that was stapled to each calender. I didn't rip out the staples because they hold all the months together. I just ripped off the cover and any little bits of cardboard that stayed under the staple. To be honest, you don't have to do even that. I just didn't want the other cover to be there.

Next I measured for my picture size. 6.5" wide by 3.55" per picture. I cropped the pictures close to that size and added the wording I wanted using Microsoft Word or Microsoft publisher I think. I might have used the free downloadable Open Office Suite. (My computer was down so I was using a friend's, and I don't remeber what we had to use.) Then turn one picture upside down and put the top (now bottom) of that picture with the top of the other picture. Line them up and viola!

I took the measurements, a calendar with the plastic, and cropped pictures to kinkos and they did the hard work for me; making it exact. But you can use the ruler at the top and sides of Microsoft word, publisher, or whatever to get the measurements right. Trial and error isn't that hard. Just be sure to print them off only one at a time and try them on a full run, wrapped around a calendar and inside the plastic. Once you get it right, then print them all out and cut the extra paper off. I used a paper cutter for that part because I'm not exactly a great straight line cutter.

Then fold the pictures at the center line where the two pictures come together and put them in the plastic. I didn't staple the calendar to the picture because I didn't want a staple showing. I just put my picture in the plastic and then in then a page of the calendar in the plastic. There was a blank page on the outside of the calendar that worked perfectly for securing it into the plastic without having to interrupt the function of the calendar.

Next I marked my wedding day in each calendar using a red marker, and packed them in an envelope for the mail. With the spirit of my pictures, I didn't go incredibly formal and just hand wrote the addresses and used some plain white envelopes. It cost a little extra to ship them, but not much. I think my shipping total was under 75 cents each.

If you have any questions please shoot me a PM and I will be happy to answer. :)

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LMAO! Your pictures are fantastic!!  I love how playful and original the two of you are!!

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