May 28, 2011


Our love story

How we met!


In August 2002 I moved from grammar school to a business college, because after my school days (2004) I'd like to make an education. So then I moved to the private commercial college Middendorf in Rheine. The classes were ordered by subjects. Once for the languages French and Spanish and once for IT-specialist. I decided to Spanish (and Manuel too - luck for me). After we were assigned to the classes we were in our classrooms and then I saw Manuel for the first time. He and his cute red hair - totally different in case of the "normal" men. At that time I had a relationship with another boy (the relationship was a total of 5 months), but somehow there was something I could not go Manuel out of my head.

In the next few months we became friends more and more for each other and the interest was aroused. In February 2003 we were invited by a classmate for his birthday. Just 2 days before I did end the relationship with my ex-friend because I knew I want Manuel and I had to take the opportunity at the party. The party was in a club room of the tennis club. The party was not really a hit, so Manuel, myself and four other friends decided to do a little crazy. We sneaked secretly into the great tennis hall - it was totally dark. We have done crazy things and had a lot of fun. At some point, we all laid down on the floor and then all this happened, where I had been waiting all the time on it. Manuel groped in the dark my hand and pulled me towards him. We whispered as the others should not hear us. Then we kissed and it was happend to me. It was so beautiful. But until we were really a happy couple, it has still lasted to 03 April 2003. On this day I have visited Manuel for the first time at his home - it was a really good day with a great end.








A second chance!


Our relationship started out as quite difficult, although we were very much in love. The fact that we were in a class, we saw us the entire day. As we began both our training in 2004 everything came better and we always met after work to chill together. In August 2007, after over 4 years of relationship, it had become so complicated again. He began to miss our dates and only want to chill with his friends. When I had saw him smoking with his friends a joint, it was over - I could not and did not want to! I ended our relationship at the same evening.

Then came the weeks in which he apologized a thousand times and said that he would improve. But I don't want to believe him.

In November 2007 I met another man. I can’t tell you why we became a couple - maybe I wanted to annoy Manuel simply. Within the next few months, Manuel hasn't an easy time - his parents filed for divorce after 25 years of marriage. Although I and Manuel are no longer a couple, I know everything. This situation has changed Manuel completely. He noted that what he has done so far can't be everything in his life. He wanted to do everything better than his parents and wanted to change himself. He changed his circle of friends and we met up again more often.

I wasn’t really happy in my new relationship, because I compared my friend in any situation with Manuel. I realized more and more how much I missed Manuel and what he meant to me. From my boyfriend I separated in April 2008 because it wasn't really easy to be with someone that I don’t love.

In May 2008, Manuel and I met at the very first time again after 8 months. I was totally surprised - he had completely changed. He now went regularly to the gym and looked very very good. And what can I say - it had caught me fully at the first moment . Just then I had to admit to myself that I had been the stupidest person in the world, because I had separated myself from this great guy. We talked all night and it was like just before - Manuel was much more grown up and matured. We wanted to try again with each other and we kissed for the first time after so long. It was the best kiss I have ever received. The sweetest was when Manuel told me that he wanted me back all the time  and did not want any other woman but me.


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Oh my goodness this was a great love story! So happy the two of you rekindled your love!!!! It was truly meant to be!

Sweet story!!! :O)

This might be the sweetest story ever.  Congratulations to you two!

Awe, you guys are so cute. The situation you both went through, made your relationship so much stronger. I'm sure you will have a very long and wonderful marriage. Congratulations!!!