Aug 31, 2008


Bachelorette Party #2

  • Last updated on November 20, 2008 at 10:19 am
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For my 'real' bachelorette party we decided to keep in local, and just have fun with the girls!

First, we met at OC Pole Fitness, where we were taking a strip class! (We had a blast! Highly recommended!)  While I was visiting my mom earlier- "Team Bride" was at my house decorating and getting ready for when we got back!  They did an amazing job on everything!!!!  They hung lingerie across my living room, got me a killer and yummy cake, decorated, had personalized water bottles, made food, you name it!!!  So when we got back we had a passion party, played some games, ate, then went to the Jacuzzi, and passed out!  Just thought I'd share some pictures of our fun!

Bachelorette Party 2 photo 1  Bachelorette Party 2 photo 2

Bachelorette Party 2 photo 3  Bachelorette Party 2 photo 4

Breaking into my pool at night in out stilettos :)

Bachelorette Party 2 photo 5  Bachelorette Party 2 photo 6

My penis "To have & to hold" cake         / My MOH's made me an emergency hit & gave it to me that night!

Bachelorette Party 2 photo 7  Bachelorette Party 2 photo 8



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0MG.....what a bachelorette party...lol.