May 28, 2011


We're engaged!!!

After a totally of 8 years (we had our 8th year anniversary on 03. April 2011) Manuel and I made a lot of vacations to different countries of the world. Every holiday was perfect, but the last one was the best one!

Last year Manuel and I flew for 2 weeks in Turkey. We were in a 5-star resort in Konakli/Alanya. It was a wonderful holiday, especially because we came back as an engaged couple from the holidays <3    At the beginning of the 2nd vacation week Manuel get an ear infection. He could not sleep or swim with me in the sea because he had in such pain. On 27.07. I was up early because we wanted to spend the whole day at the pool, so Manuel had time to could recover. Manuel wanted to stay a bit more in his room and follow because he wanted to went to a doc later.
He ask me of the room key - I gave him the keys because he have to change clothes after he came from the doctor. After I had breakfast, I went to the pool for the day to enjoy in peace and wait for Manuel. After about 2 hours of Manuel finally came back and we could enjoy the rest of the day at the pool. Around 17:30 clock, I wanted to go back to our bedroom, as I have lie all day at 35 ° C in the shade at the pool - I felt like a grilled chicken :o)  We took our towels and went towards the hotel room. In the hotel lobby Manuel stopped me suddenly and blindfolded me with a scarf. He said: "You don't have to open your eyes before I say it." I couldn't see anything anyway because of the scarf - very funny. I heard how he opened the door and I went after. At that moment, it has made me click and I could think about was what now. My heart beat up to the neck. Manuel took off the scarf and I opened my eyes. I saw a sea of roses, flowers and balloons. On the bed were two swans, which were made of folded towels. It was super sweet. And then he went on his knees and asked the question which I’ve been waiting so long for. “Kathrin, with this ring I would like to ask you, if you will marry me”. I was totally flabbergasted and of course I said yes. We kissed and hugged each other and I was just super happy. Just as this moment I had always imagined the proposal - just the two of us, all alone. It was such a nice intimate moment only for both of us! In the evening we went to dinner at a very fancy restaurant. And also there Manuel had organized everything. The table was strewn with rose petals and we drank champagne. Till now it was the best day of my life - and the best thing will follow soon - our dream wedding on 28th May 2011.


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I love the picture with the sun in you guy's heart. Also the one with the flower in your hair, your very pretty in that picture.

Congratulations on your engagement and how exciting that your wedding is right around the corner. You two make a beautiful couple and you will be an absolute gorgeous bride!

Wie süüüüüüß!! Ähnliche Geschichte wie bei uns: Wir waren auf den Philippinen und saßen abends am Meer, als er den Ring rausholte ;) Glaub, die meisten Anträge werden während des Urlaubes gemacht hihi