Aug 22, 2018


My shoes....

i would love these orange colored christian louboutins................however they're about $2,400. I'm a frugal gal so i would match rather add it to the down payment of our first home.

However...a girl can dream and she can also DIY.

I  can find some orange colored heels and  rhinestone the hell out of it. They must be high, i try to wear nothing lower than 4 inches, unless they are flip flops or flats ( I'm 5'3 & i need all the help i can get)  found a few websites like   hopefully my creation will come out looking close to these louboutins:


Got my shoes around january 12th 2012. The heels are high (5 1/2inches) and i saved a whole lot. instead of 2,400 louboutins i got $45 aldo's

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You better do it with them shoes!!!! I can't wait to see the finished project!

I love your shoes!! Just gorgeous!

These shoes are bad ass!!

HOLY COW!  Those are hot hot hot!