May 28, 2011


Maid of Honor and Best Man

In Germany it is normal that you have no bridesmaids and groomsmen. Generally one best man and a maid of honor. Manuel and I will manage it like tis way. My maid of honor is my twin sister Isabell - she is simply the best. For her, I would really do anything, I love her endlessly. I am really so happy that she will be my maid of honor - I'm looking forward to share this special moment with her​​.



Our best man will be Marcel - the best friend from FI since school. He is a handsome nice guy and I he's like a brother for FI and me. THis is the only freaky pic I could found - it's from Manuel's stag night party.


Isabell will choose her own dress. I liked it when she will bears a little sunny dress (I love yellow and Isa too). We have joined the internet looking for some dresses and then we found a wonderful dress. The manufacturer is Morrywoods - a company that copied the clothes of the hollywood stars and their dresses are really very very good. I have there already ordered a dress that is really great processed and fits perfectly . She will wear a yellow chiffon dress. The photo is from their website, but the picture doesn't do it justice - it's much prettier in person. It is a dream dress. I am a bit jealous  :o)
She will wear the shoes Jessica Simpson Women's Platform Sandal Massi. I ordered these at and Isabell loves the shoes.

UPDATE 05/13/2011:

Today Isabell's dress came in and it is so awesome. The colour is so bright and sunny. I really love it. We changed our mind regarding her flower bouquet. Now she will get a bouquet only of yellow cloves and it will be tied like a ball. Great choice!




Marcel will wear a simple black suit with a small black tie and he and our three little flower and ring bearer boys will have a small yellow boutonniere to match our MOH flower bouquet. This is my inspirations for the boutonnieres



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Hey,you guys look so alike. Im sure it must have been difficult to tell you apart when you were small.