May 28, 2011


First Fitting!

Oh Girls, I had my first fitting on 3/3/2011 at the Anabella store in Münster. I've been waiting so long and then know that ...
On the upper body, the dress has the perfect fit however the skirt the tailors sewed too tight. It was super annoying. After buying the dress I've lost 7 lbs and even then it was still too narrow. Now she has to change my skirt again and I have to wait until 24/03/2011 - then I have my second fitting. I hope the dress will fit perfectly. Although the 1. fitting wasn't perfect, I love my dress so so much - it's a dream gown, my dream gown!!! At the 2. fitting next week, we will then see, how we will bustle the dress. I think that it will be a French Bustle. I'm looking so forward to next week  :o)
Here are some pictures of my first fitting, love how my veil matches my gown so perfectly!!!





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What a vision of pure loveliness and you are completely correct. Your veil matched your dress perfectly!

You look beautiful in your dress.

Wow! Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

so in love with your veil! you are going to be a gorgeous bride! only 2 months to go!