May 26, 2011




We got married in Winnipeg.

Just 12 people in attendance and it was perfect.



His ring

Ed and Madi








A little bit about us. I am Lori,I work in health care and I also do photography

Ed is my fiancée he is an environmental consultant

We met online, we had the idea we would just be friends, somewhere along the line we fell in love.

Ed is wonderful; he lets me complain and doesn’t judge. He is compassionate and kind.

We have no Plan B, we have done marriage and divorce before and we are going to make it work. We are getting married at Bird’s Hill Park Manitoba (where we had our first date)  Looks like we might be changing the location.

WE used modernpixel.ca for our photography

We do not live together but he views his house as "our" house and asks me on weekends when I can swing it to go see him when I am coming "home".

I am currently trying to heal from a work injury (been off work since December) hopefully I will get in for a MRI this week or next then off to see either a neurologist or neurosurgeon. Went for my MRI now waiting for results.

Trying to talk him into eloping but he won't go for it.







Some of my photography


My gorgeous neice Kayla


Using a totally different invite.

Updated my photography website.


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Love the photos from the wedding!  So happy & excited for you guys!!

Love your picture and your story is so cute!

looove your dress!

Yeah she is, she was the baby for 5 years, now her brother is the prince in the household, but she is still the princess.