Sep 03, 2011


{Engagment Shoot Inspiration}

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Outdoors and whimsical, complete with cutesy food and giant paper flowers.   Turns out I was overly ambitious about this.  But keeping this up here for inspiration for others!


Engagment Shoot Inspiration photo 1

Credits (clockwise): Board on the left: Style Me Pretty, cayann32's shoot captured by Mimi Nguyen, Simply Bloom Photography, yannalovesandrey by Andrey P, Simply Bloom Photography.  Board on the right: 1, 2, Andrey Perepelitsa, 3, 4.  Bottom left: Thai Mai, GWS, Forgot :(, Caroline Tran, Caroline Tran, Forgot x2.  Bottom right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6




Cutesy food! --> Cutesy cups!--> Cutesy friends!-->

The cup was FI's gift to me after I had been eyeing them for so long at Teavana.  You can't tell, but there's a little bunny tail at the back of the cup.  (We call each other hunny bunny.)  The owl is the owl from Lost in Translation...and FI got one expressly from Japan!  Well, he technically tricked someone into getting it for him, but it's all about the sentiment, right?

Since my wedding hair will be up, I figure a more lowkey do for the e-session would be fun.


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I love how much forethought you're putting into this. Your engagement pictures are gonna kick butt! Can't wait to see 'em.