Dec 15, 2012


The Military Wedding

Well we have decided finally on the wedding at least generally 

we are going to have a short version Catholic Mass officiated by an Army Catholic priest (he was the head pastor at my church for many years) this will help in getting all the military parts perfectly correct and have access to everything we need for that. He agreed to the catholic ceremony because either way I was going to make him go through the process either way so it will be recognized by the church. 


The Military Wedding photo 1   The Military Wedding photo 3(the colors of the army dress blues)

 and red because we are getting married right before christmas so my church will be decorated already and hello save in the budget area 


Military Part:

Saber Arch:

The Military Wedding photo 5

Mens wear:

all enlisted members in bridal party will wear their dress blues while everyone else will wear a navy blue tux matching the jacket of the dress blues (you can't tell in this picture but the jacket and pants are two different colors) with the same color vest and a black bow tie. 

The Military Wedding photo 6

Civilian Side

Center piece's:

there is no set idea but these are the two general ideas.. Plus my venue will do them for free so I will not complain with what ever I get 


The Military Wedding photo 8(as close to color of dress blue pants) 

with silver shoes

Davids bridal style # 83707


This is look I am looking for but the bouquets will be smaller 




This is all I have for now but Im on the look out for a great simple but classic BM shoes in the colors 

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Love Love Love the colors! 

Love the colors!! The bio is looking great! :)