Jun 25, 2011




It tasted AMAZING!


Our wedding cake is being made by "Cakes by Barb" of Port Alberni.  Barb has been making wedding cakes since before I was even born.  Its amazing what she does out of her home and her prices are fantastic.

We are getting a MONSTROSITY of a cake.  Its going to take SEVEN separate layers of cake to make this look, but It will be well worth it, and there will be lots of left-overs for the gift opening!

  • Its a chocolate / vanilla marble cake with alternating layers of bavarian cream and whipped chocolate filling, with a butter cream icing, with fondant on the top.
  • The "tall" tier will have silver piping inspired by our monogram and flourishes on our invitations.
  • The bottom tier will have our monogram piped in silver.
  • The ribbons on the cake will be exactly the same as pictured, colour and everything
  • She is also putting a purple flower on the cake similar to the one pictured
  • She is supplying a cake stand similar to the one pictured, except she is going to put purple flowers around the base.
THE CAKE photo 1
Cake Topper, purchased from Barb is also going to paint the bride's hair brown to reflect us as a couple better.  
THE CAKE photo 2


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