Jun 25, 2011



This took along time to figure out but we are really happy with idea.

We are giving our guests 5 Anemone bulbs each, that they can plant in their garden.  I'll also include planting and care instructions on a little card.  

Anemones are our signature flower and they bloom in late spring (early June) usually in our wedding month.  So we thought what better way to say thank you to our guests and remind them of the good times they had at our wedding then to give them flowers that will come back in their garden every year.

I ordered the bulbs from they are a supplier based out of Holland and offers free shipping to the United States, although it does take three weeks.  Well I don't live in the US, so I had to use BONGO to get a US shipping address.  

I just ordered them recently, i'll update my bio once i've received them.  I'm expecting them by the end of April.

This is what the flowers will look like when they bloom.

THE FAVORS photo 1

The next step will be deciding how to package them.  Favor Boxes?  Wrapped in Tulle / Cellophane?  I'll keep you ladies posted.

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