Oct 06, 2012



The other night we booked our honeymoon! I'm so excited! I really can't wait! We want to plans all sorts of stuff to make our honeymoon EXTRA special and not like any other vacation.. so I present to you...


Sandals La Toc Resort in

Saint Lucia!!

Oceanview Walkout Room


honeymoon ers photo 1

honeymoon ers photo 1

honeymoon ers photo 2

honeymoon ers photo 3

honeymoon ers photo 4

honeymoon ers photo 5

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It's gorgeous! I cannot wait. Especially since they allow you to jump from resort to resort. =]

This is our top contender for our honeymoon!!! We haven't booked yet, but I am pushing him every day, lol

Lucky girl. Looks like a beautiful, romantic place.

I seriously can't wait! I'm more excited for this than the actual wedding!