May 28, 2011


Final Fitting

Hi Ladies,

Oh my godness, today I got my dress and I'm absolutly in love with it. This morning I haven't look forward to my appointment this afternoon at the bridal shop. But the dress now fits so perfectly. Just some pictures of my last fitting - it was so much fun, because the bustle of the dress is so crazy complicated. I pity my sister :o)  But she have done it very great. She had note herself an instruction for the bustle - have a look. And what do you think about this great train. I love it so so much <3


Final Fitting photo 1     Final Fitting photo 2


Final Fitting photo 3     Final Fitting photo 4 


Final Fitting photo 5     Final Fitting photo 6


Final Fitting photo 7     Final Fitting photo 8


Final Fitting photo 9

(12) Comments

WOW!! so lovely. and you are so pretty!!

That dress is awesome.

Wow!  Just wow!  Your dress looks great on you. So pretty.  I love the bustle.

You look gorgeous in your dress!!! I love the lace and the veil... swoon! I'm in love hehe. Such a beautiful dress <3