Oct 27, 2012


DIY wedding

My name is lindsey and I am super excited to be planning my wedding! My theme is Fall/Rustic and everything that can go along with it. I love pumpkins, leaves and the beautiful colors. My ideas are all based on doing as much my self (and with the help of friends and family) as possible. I have a strong belief that I can have a beautiful wedding at a reasonable price and I won't settle for any less. It's a huge day, but I don't feel we have to go broke making it happen. My fiancee and i both have children so it's important to me to make a part of the reception "kid friendly". I want everything to be fun and memorable.

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Looking forward to seeing how you make it all come together!

Woohoo! Your wedding sounds AWESOME! Way to go with the DIY! We're in the same boat there, I managed to pull off an entire wedding without hiring help! All friends and family =] You can do it! I'm excited to see how everything turns out!

Looking forward to seeing everything! Sounds like you have some great ideas!!

can't wait to see your ideas!