Jul 05, 2014



Unfortunately, the college I graduated from won't allow me to have a ceremony in their library. I'm a little heartbroken because I absolutely LOVED the space. So here are my options so far in my research..

Ceremony Site:

Option #1: The Center for Spirituality & Sustainability, Edwardsville, IL

Where photo 1

Where photo 2

I love it! The capacity is just right, but its a little on the high end at $450 for 3 hours plus 2 hour rehearsal. Still not too bad though. The biggest advantage is that I can have an evening, under the moon, ceremony in March without everyone being outside and (probably) freezing their kahonies off. =)


Option #2: The Historic Chapel of Wood River

The Historic Chapel features its original hard wood flooring, hand crafted wood pews and a beautiful stained glass window. The chapel has captured a moment in time making it the perfect setting for your special celebration of love.

Fees for Church Rental:  
Rental of church for one hour $125.00
Use of church for rehearsal $ 50.00

Where photo 3

This isn't a very good picture of the place, its actually very cute. The price is fantastic and location is great too. Unfortunately, the capacity is 50 people which is more like half the guest list so we would have to cut quite a few people. On the plus side of that, FI would rather have a smaller ceremony.


Decisions, Decisions....

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What beautiful colors you chose and both venues are GORGEOUS!!!

Love option 1

I love both venues!!