Jun 06, 2011


Our Wedding Invitations!

First and foremost, I simply must give credit to SoLovely, whom we all know came up with the genius idea of combining the doily and ribbon. She very kindly consented to my 'borrowing' her idea. Thanks Shannon!

    Our invitations are the only thing I didn't DIY for the wedding. However, as much as I liked them, I felt a personal touch was missing. Hence, I doiled, stamped and ribboned myself to insanity.

    Our wedding theme is Vintage- Shabby-Chic, English Tea Garden Party with a touch of Fairy Tale. (Yes, a lot of themes, but somehow in my mind, along with my decor elements, they all go together beautifully) Therefore, the stamp: 'Happily Ever After'.

    Honestly, I was expecting a lot of turned up noses regarding my choice of Cinderella invitations, but so far people are raving about them. How can you go wrong with a story about shoes?? The colours are EXACTLY our wedding colours!

Marrying the man of my dreams is a fairy tale to me. It took me a long time to find him.

I hope you all like them! Enjoy!  :)

Our Wedding Invitations photo 1

Our Wedding Invitations photo 2

Our Wedding Invitations photo 3

Our Wedding Invitations photo 4

Our Wedding Invitations photo 5

The inner envelop has silver-lining:

Our Wedding Invitations photo 6

I wax sealed all of the invitations with silver wedding bells, which unfortunately are not very visible in the photo:

Our Wedding Invitations photo 7

There was a grand use of doilies in this operation, ladies!!!

Our Wedding Invitations photo 8

We used  a combination of the wedding rings and wedding cake stamps:

Our Wedding Invitations photo 9Our Wedding Invitations photo 10

I was having doilies and pink ribbon coming out of my ears by the times all of these were posted!

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Love the shabby chic invites! :)

I used the sam stamps :)

Your invitations are beautiful :o) so unique and pretty

Your invites are wonderful and they fit your theme perfectly!