Dec 31, 2009


~My 10K post also featuring my sweet DH~

On Sunday, April 3, 2011 I finally posted my 10,000th post.  Here it is.....


I can't believe that this is my 10,000th post on Project Wedding. How did that happen? It seem like yesterday that I was writing 5000th and wondering how I every made it to that milestone.

When I joined PW in January 2009 I was a lady-in-waiting. I knew that my now DH, Chad, was the one but we hadn't gotten engaged yet. In May 2009 we decided to get married and started planning so I started posting a little on the forums but we still weren't “officially” engaged. In July 2009 Chad made me the happiest woman on earth when he got down on one knee at the Disneyland and we were officially engaged. Then “real” planning started and my “real” posting started. After changing our wedding date, theme and plans three times we settled on New Years Eve 2009 and planning kicked into high gear.

With such a short time frame I couldn't have pulled our wedding off without PW. I found inspiration, kind words, open arms, friendly ears, opinions and helpful suggestions and most of all friends here. These are the reasons that over a year after my wedding I'm still hanging around. I love these forums. The members of PW are some of the most welcoming and warm people that I have met, virtually or otherwise.

I was fortunate enough to to get an e-mail the week before our wedding informing me that I was selected as a PW hostess. I was so excited. I was going to become a wife and a hostess all in one week. Awesome! In my time as a hostess I hope that I have done that pink heart badge justice. I try to represent PW well and be there for other brides and our few grooms that find a happy community here on PW. I wear that pink heart with pride. I stick around because I hope that my experience in my wedding or in life may help or inspire others. Also, because you all help me and inspire me, too. And I still love weddings! DH would say I'm such a wedding geek! :D  

I love when new members join, and to see the excitement of newly engaged members. I know many of you well and I hope to get to know more of you. I feel that I have made friends here on PW. I hope that I get to stay for a long time and that you will have me because I love my PW. <3


PS. DH will add his part later. I'm sure he's probably going to say that I'm goofball or a nerd and a PW addict but I want Chad to write something so his will be added later.  


Ok, here is DH, Chad's, portion of this post....


In my first post for Tiffany's 5K, I complimented my wife for her new hobby. Now that it's become an addiction, I'm not so sure anymore. I found out how bad the addicton was when PW went down and my wife was checking the web site every 2 minutes. Then feeding the addiction by going to Facebook to post stuff to her PW friends that are just as addicted as she is. My personal opinion is that you all need a 12 step program.  :-)

In truth, what you guys do is very important for alot of couples. On our honeymoon, I even found myself recommending PW to a couple who needed help with planning their wedding. It's makes me very happy that there is a site like this, and it makes me proud that my wife is so involved in it. And it makes me happy that PW makes her happy. PW is a source of much needed info not only for brides, but for the fiances' and husbands' sanity as well. Because as we all know, when momma's happy, everyone's happy.

To my wife, congratulations on 10,000 posts. I love you.




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Congratulations Starbux on your 10K post and your amazing husband that supports you for all that you are and do!