Sep 03, 2011


{S'Mores Station}

Too.  Cool.

My one concern is: can one cook safely over Sterno cans?  (Apparently yes according to Sterno's own documentation.) And oh, I guess I need to get clearance from my venue too.

indoor s'mores station



And having different flavors of marshmallows could make it even more seriously awesome.  I'd love to write suggested recipes that guests could try on a menu on the side (e.g. Dark Chocolate Raspberry –  chocolate graham cracker with raspberry marshmallow and dark chocolate: Vanilla Nut – honey graham cracker with vanilla marshmallow and  chopped toasted pecans: and of course Traditional S’mores - honey graham cracker with milk chocolate and vanilla marshmallows)


S Mores Station photo 1


(5) Comments

Ahh, this is such a GREAT idea! I love smores!!

i love this idea. i bet it was a hit at your wedding

This is a sooo cool!  You will be the talk of the town!  I've never seen the flavors that you are using!!  How unique!!  Now you have me hungry!!! :)

What an amazing concept & set-up! I have to agree with Wolfmaure, completely ;) I'm definitely adding this concept and giving all credit to you on my "drool worthy" page...this is fantastic!!! I hope you don't mind :-/