Jul 31, 2011




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I'm DIY all my floral decor! I love roses, peonies, and ranunculus! Red roses are so romantic to me so all of the floral decor at the wedding ceremony and reception will be red roses. All my flowers are silk. I can't see spending that much on flowers for one day, but to each his own :) 



I DIYed my bouquet. It's made of red roses and ranunculus.

Flowers photo 4

MOH Bouquet. It's red roses with some touches of bling :)

Flowers photo 5

Mothers of the Bride & Groom. Their bouquets are the white peonies on the left side.

Flowers photo 6

Boutonieres. All are red roses. The groom has some bling on his (flower on the right)

Flowers photo 7

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Great Job!!!!

Good job :)