Mar 15, 2013


about me

i am the kind of person that will do anything for other people.  the expression "will give you the shirt off her back" literally applies--and i've done it before :)  i believe that we are all in this world together, so why not make it a great place for us all?  if i have something i don't use and you can--take it!  i'd rather things get used than sit in a closet somewhere collecting dust.  seriously.  so if you've made it to this section of my bio and there is something you need--ask!  if i don't have it, i'll let you know.  but if i do, and i can share, i'd be happy to do it.

most of my info is private...send a friend request for access!


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I am a designer so doing things myself was what I wanted to do, I'm still trying to do alot myself. My centerpieces were completely my idea and very easy to put together.

Pretty sure we're going to be doing paper flowers for everything, except personal flowers (bouquets, bouts, etc.).  I have some awesome tutorials for make coffee filter roses, and tissue paper wisteria.  =)

very true!  i'm toying with the idea of paper flowers, and i think i've almost convinced myself that they will be ok. :)  maybe for the pomanders, anyway. 

I know how that is.  Not my first wedding either so FI and I are paying for everything.  Lots of DIYing too.  It's actually a lot of fun putting your own stamp on your big day.  =)