Jul 08, 2011


Groom's Cake

Dan is a huuuuuuuge Phillies fan, so I want to surprise him with a Phillies grooms cake at the rehearsal dinner, along with a ton of baseball cupcakes :)

I already have the recipe for an amazing chocolate cake that he loves, so I plan to make something similar to this:

Groom s Cake photo 1 Groom s Cake photo 2 


The best part is, since he HATES fondant, I can keep the "dirt" the chocolate buttercreme anyway, and just add the fondant decorations.

Then, since the cake will be triple chocolate, I can make the cupcakes vanilla with buttercreme for the guests who don't care for chocolate. I figure they'll be pretty easy to make and will look something like this:

Groom s Cake photo 3


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btw..congrats july bride..

your bio is so colorful.

Congratulations on your marriage!  I love your grooms cake.  Actually, both my daughter and you have similar tastes. 

That is a really good idea to do a groom's cake at the rehearsal dinner...I might have to steal that one!