Nov 12, 2011


The Story of Us :)

Our First Date

When Jeremy and I met we both agree it wasn't love at first sight, but intrigue of some sort. There he was a fair skinned 6'3" self claimed Irish descent Tennessee boy looking at me with his huge blue eyes and this grin on his face that made me smile and rudely ask "WHAT" at the same time. He made some kind of Asian remark that although I can't remember the exact words, gave me the urge to want to smack him. He wanted to get under my skin. This first meeting ended in us exchanging emails and numbers and then came our first date: the frozen ferry ride.

He wanted to be romantic and surprise me with a ferry ride, which I thought was quite fantastic and sweet as no one has done that before. It was evening so the stars would be out, and the moon would reflect over the water while he would put his arm around me. Unfortunately, our first date was in January and according to Virginia's weather stations it was the coldest and windiest evening of the year. Also, he didn't realize that the ferry ride price went up so he returned red faced- more from embarrassment than cold- and asked for a dollar. To most people, this may have been considered a disaster. A true disaster of a date where nothing could go right. To me, it made me giggle inside. You see I understand this kind of luck, where you feel that EVERYTHING is going wrong and the impression you make is a horrible one. To see this man who'd only met me once before try his best and luck have it, still have things not go right let me know we have something in common= bad luck. Our date lasted 8 hours and ended with him giving me a kiss before I went home.

How He Proposed

He was working in Kuwait and had been there the past 6 months and I had just passed my nursing license exam. To celebrate and for him to get away from the stress of work, we decided to meet in Ireland for his birthday. Totally excited because we've been wanting to go there for awhile, we booked a nice quaint B&B called the Ariel house

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After more than 10 hours of flying and layovers, we met at the Ireland airport and took a cab to the B&B and got into our room. Exhausted, I just wanted to lay in bed but Jeremy was hyper for some reason. He kept telling me to look at everything and how nice it was(the room was a nice but fairly small room so there was only so much I could look at) Finally he said, look at how nice the bathroom is! I picked myself up from the bed and waddled my way to the bathroom. I looked around and saw what I expected- bath, toilet and a sink and a shelf above that sink...and a ring in a box on the shelf...wait what? My semi pathetic self immediately thought that the people before us had left their jewelry in the room. Then I started to think, maybe it's for me? I went back and forth in my mind as to if he was either proposing or just wanted to give me a ring? It wasn't until I heard an anxious "hello?" from the bedroom. I peaked out and the poor guy was pacing back and forth and when he saw me he simply asked "so, you wanna?!"

Ladies, I completely understand that this may not be the most romantic or fairytale way to ask. He didn't do it the way he had planned, but he simply couldn't wait anymore and to me it was perfect...simply because it was kind of funny and a little goofy but straight from the heart and genuine. I couldn't ask for more!

After two years of being together, being in love and getting engaged(in ireland!!), here we are in Bahrain planning our wedding in Norfolk, VA. We've been through a lot together and grew together as best friends and partners and despite our combined bad luck, I know I'm the luckiest woman in the world to have a man like him :)

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I loved, Loved, LOVED, the first date story and how he proposed! I think it is super romantic!

aww I think it's cute :)

What a beautiful story and your ring is gorgeous!

Aww I love your proposal story :) And your ring is gorgeous!!!