Jul 29, 2011


The Wedding Bands

I would love to have a wedding band like these ones below so I could wear my e-ring together with my wedding band like these beauties:

The Wedding Band photo 1

FI wants me to let his girlfriend create my wedding ring because she is a goldsmith ... OK HONEY, she can do it if the ring looks like these ...

The Wedding Band photo 2The Wedding Band photo 3

UPDATE: July 20th 2011

FINALLY I got my wedding band!!! I decided to buy these ring online and not let FIs friend create one for me because for the same money I would get better gold and carat!

(4) Comments

Mir gefällt der Ehering sehr gut! Ganz viel Bling Bling. Mal schauen, ob ich auch irgendwann Mal solch einen schönen Glitzerring tragen werde :o)

LOL oh touche!

Yes that is right but - I don´t think that the prize will be better ;)

Gorgeous :) That's pretty cool your girlfriend is a goldsmith, the band will be extra special because it's customized for you :)