Jun 26, 2011


The Dress

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UPDATE: My previous dress got ruined when I got it altered a week and a half before the wedding. Long story short... I ended up going to David's Bridal with my sister (MOH) and found my dress. I bought a Galina and I was in LOVE. I also got a sash from JCrew instead of the one that came with it. I'm convinced everything happens for a reason because I LOVE LOVE my dress... 



I scored. And when I mean scored, I did BIG TIME! I did not want to spend a lot of money on a wedding dress that I would wear just one time. At the same time, I didn't want to sacrifice quality/style just so I could say I got a good deal. Initially, I ordered a custom dress of Ebay from China for 100.00. I was so excited when I came in the mail, I tried it on and I absolutely hated it. It actually was done quite well, but it just was not for me!


Then... I was browsing online and I saw a wedding dress at J.C. Penny's marked down for 64.99. I couldn't believe it... a wedding dress for 65.00?!!? I actually really liked the style but was skeptical about buying a dress online and getting disappointed again. I ended up ordering it (since I could just return it to the store if I didn't like it) and I got a coupon so it came to 55.00 with free shipping! I love my dress. I'll take a picture when I get back home in June BUT it looks much better on!  It's chiffon, flowy, simple, and SO comfortable! :)


The Dress photo 1The Dress photo 2The Dress photo 3


I am also going to have the seamstress add a bow to it like this:

Photo from JCrew

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so pretty, and it will go great with your theme!!  :)