Jun 26, 2011


Table Setting + Decor

If we choose to have just the barn area, there are no open flames allowed (understandably). So I'm thinking we'll do something simple for the round tables with wheat sprigs in mason jars (I have a lot of blue mason jars so that might add a fun pop of color?) I have a lot of burlap so I will cut that and put a piece in the middle of each table similar to the second picture below. Our other option is, if we also rent out the other area of our venue, we can have open flame. I already bought tons of tea-lights so those would go in mason jars in the middle of each table at different heights... 


**I have had these images on my computer for a while and have no idea where the majority of the came from, let me know if you want credit!**


Table Setting Decor photo 1

For guestbook table, desert table, other tables I want something summery and rustic like this:

Table Setting Decor photo 2

Table Setting Decor photo 3



Burlap Bunting...YES PLEASE!


I definitely want to hang picture of us throughout the years on twine like this:

Table Setting Decor photo 5


Instead of having programs, we are going to buy a chalkboard and write down the information. We will also use a chalkboard for the dinner menu! (I'm kind of chalkboard obsessed)

Table Setting Decor photo 6


Speaking of chalkboards, we also ordered these manila chalkboard tags off Etsy that we will write each guests' name on and use tie it around their mason jar mugs like this:

Table Setting Decor photo 8


For our mason jars at each table, we ordered these adorable rustic wood table numbers from BraggingBags (Etsy):

Table Setting Decor photo 9

For the table seating chart, I think we're going to try and find an old window pane with the glass and write on it with a "chalk pen:"

Table Setting Decor photo 10




For lighting along the path leading up to the barn, we'll do something like this (simple yet effective):

Table Setting Decor photo 11

We also made lots and lots of DIY bunting. I followed instructions that I found through 100 Layer Cake. All you  need is no se w adhesive, fabric of your choice, twine, an iron, scissors. You cut the strips 1.5-2 inches wide fold them in half. Place the no-sew adhesive in between and iron onto the twine:

Table Setting Decor photo 12


Moss Letters:



Instead of tossing rice or confetti, we will have guests toss birdseed after the ceremony

Template from MintDesignBlog


We will hang mason jars with flowers on shepherd hooks outside for the ceremony like this: 



My bubble girls will blow homemade bubbles down the aisle out of a mason jar like this:



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I love all the jars! Are you renting them or buying them?

I love how all the simplicity comes together it looks GREAT!!!