Aug 30, 2011


The Music!

About 2 years ago I went to this Martini bar in Vancouver, Washington with a girlfriend, Top Shelf to be specific. Fantastic bar with usually even better live music. And that is where I heard Jim Fischer, pianist and vocalist play!

The Music photo 1

He is AMAZING! I now have a group of girlfriends that goes and listens to him play every Wednesday night!

He has been playing the piano for his entire life, if you can play it for him on your phone he can play it back. Although he may not know the words to every song he certainly tries and is very interactive with a crowd! When I saw him perform on New Years a couple years back he played "Fat Bottom Girls" by Queen and had a group of guys and girls get up and act out the part of the opposite sex. He even had big plastic butts for the guys to put on!

I knew immediately that I wanted him to play at my wedding someday and when I had my original wedding date (August 15th) I emailed him right away and he told me he was going to be on a cruise for almost all of August!

I was so devastated! However, I guess in some sense I should thank the military because when we had to push our date back it happened to get pushed back enough that Jim will now be able to perform at our wedding yay!

Here is a link to his website if you're looking for someone to play at your wedding (p.s. his prices are pretty competitive too!)

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