Aug 30, 2011


Cake and Cake Toppers!

I am happy to say that I found our baker yesterday we're going to have our cake, cupcakes, and the mini cakes for all the single ladies make by Amber from Le Cookie Monkey! To check out her work go to

So I haven't found my baker yet, but I have a couple ideas of who I may be going th rough. Up until a couple of days ago I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted my cake to look like and then I found this artful master piece on the PW website!

Cake and Cake Toppers photo 1Cake and Cake Toppers photo 2

It was inspired by the Rhianna Royale dress! Now I know this will cost a bit more then what I was planning on for my cake, I was originally wanting something a lot simpler, but this is just so perfect! So instead of having a larger cake I think we're going to have a small version of this cake: save the top for our 1 year anniversary and then serve the other layer to our wedding party or immediate family. Then for everyone else we're going to have a cupcake buffet!

Cake and Cake Toppers photo 3

There is this fantastic cupcake shop in Portland called Cupcake Jones ( that has a huge variety of cupcakes to choose from. Some with cookies on top, graham crackers, s'more flavors, peanut butter and jelly, key lime pie, etc!

Cake Toppers!

So I know I want some sort of cute little cartoonish looking birds for our cake topper, however, all the ones I have found are like $100! And personally I have a really hard time justifying spending that much money on a cake topper that is just going to get packed away and never used again. So a few weeks ago my MOH and I went out and got clay and created trial run animal cake toppers. I need to try making them again and actually make birds this time, but here's pictures of the inspiration:

Cake and Cake Toppers photo 1Cake and Cake Toppers photo 2Cake and Cake Toppers photo 3Cake and Cake Toppers photo 4

Here are me and Larecia's (MOH) first shot at making clay animals, we used the Crayola Magic Clay because it's really light and easy to work with. It took about 2-3 days for them to fully dry, we were going to put veils on them, but then lost interest since they're not the toppers we're going to use. What do you think? Mine is the panda and Larecia's is the monkey!

Cake and Cake Toppers photo 5

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that cake topper is ADORBS!

Thanks, I'm so excited now that everything is starting to fall into place! =)

beautiful cake!