Aug 30, 2011


Bouquet Toss Alternative!

So when I first started the serious planning in January I started making lists of how I was going to make our wedding not so cookie cutter. Now it might not be exactly how I was originally wanting it due to our short time frame for planning, but one of the things I do plan on doing still is having an alternative to a bouquet toss.

Firstly: The Bouquet toss I personally think can get really old.

Second: Not every single woman wants to participate in it, like those that are older, divorced, or widowed.

Third: Most people usually purchase a second bouquet for the traditional toss which can cost a lot more money! We all know how much those bouquets can cost, even at the minimum!

So instead of the toss we will be serving these to all of the unmarried woman and girls at the wedding!

Bouquet Toss Alternative photo 1

Who ever finds the ring inside of theirs will be "the next to get married" or at least the equivalent of the person who catches the bouquet! The only thing I may change is instead of little presents we may have them frosted to look like a ring box!

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Thanks me too! I'll admit I didn't come up with it, I read about it somewhere else, but love the idea that it gets all the single ladies involved since we all know grandma and some of the single aunts won't get up for the toss!

love this idea!!