Sep 13, 2013


A New Beginning....

Hello my PDubb Divas!!

My name is Kayla and I have been active (for the most part) on this site for a couple of years now. I left for a while but Im back and ready to plan my own wedding yay!!!! You heard right ladies, I am in wedding planning mode. NOw the funny thing is I have all kinds of ideas for other peoples wedding, but for my own- I am completely clueless!! Crazy right?!? Hopefully things will pull together by July 2012 the time we actually decide on a date lol!!!

(2) Comments

I look forward to seeing your wedding come into fruition.  I need to update my bio myself. Lol. I have the ring, my shoes, bridesmaids dresses done. 

YAY doll Im so happy for you congrats on your engagement!!