Aug 24, 2013


E-Pic Inspiration

Since Justin and I aren't technically engaged yet, and it's super hard for me to get him to agree to take pictures with me EVER (he haaates photos of himself, but loves being the photographer), I thought I'd leave myself some inspiration for when we do get to take E-Pics one day. I really want it to be a FUN shoot, hence the 'jumping in the water', fair pics, etc. :)


E Pic Inspiration photo 1
Source   -- I actually love ALL of this photog's work; she's my cousin :D I'm hoping that if she's not IN my wedding, she'll be behind the lens. :)

E Pic Inspiration photo 2 E Pic Inspiration photo 3E Pic Inspiration photo 4  E Pic Inspiration photo 5

Source (all 4)


I'll add more as I find them.

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Love carousel photos! DH and I rented a carousel for our wedding and took photos there. SO much fun!

I love the playful vibe of the pics!!! Great inspiration.

Great inspiration pics ;)