Aug 07, 2010


UPDATE since wedding!

Well after we got married the following week we had a terrible flood! Luckily our home did not flood but my parents did, they had 6 inches of water in there basement!  So we spent the following week after our wedding pumping water out of peoples basements... ahhh wonderful honeymoon right? lol

But since then my husband and i discussed children and that we were going to wait until about 2 years then start trying. Well... about 2 months into being married SUPRISE! We're pregnant lol... i think god has a sense of humor sometimes.  We definately were not planning on having a baby as i was on the pill and took it religiously at the same time everyday!

So now we are expecting a baby june 16th, 2011! Now that the shock has worn off we are so excited! Oh and it's boy! :-) Only a few weeks left!

UPDATE since wedding photo 1

UPDATE since wedding photo 2 30 weeks         UPDATE since wedding photo 317 weeks

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eeeeeek!!  so exciting!!

Congratulations on your growing family.

omg, thats so great. congrats

yay congrats!! :) baby's are an amazing gift!